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Orin Ogo By Doks Ft. Ele Akoh and Oche


Brand New Single from the CONQUEST SOUNDTRACK ALBUM.

Written by Doks aka Oghogho Odoko, performed by EleAkoh and Oche and produced by Greenwox Multimedia, Orin Ogo is the quintessential Christmas experience pulled out of the Conquest Soundtrack Album. The first single – Lamb of God- was released in the early parts of 2017.

The Conquest Soundtrack album is a collection of songs with themes from OghoghoOdoko’s soon to be released fantasy novel – CONQUEST. ( Morewww.conquesttrilogy.com ).

The world as a whole is on the precipice of some the most important events in history and the mysterious Zedek reveals them all in this heart racing trilogy.

However, before Conquest is unveiled, you have to prepare a  Zedek Christmas. “Orin Ogo” will set you right for Christmas and for the tales that will blow you into worlds you could never have imagined.

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